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That Intentional Family Presents

Men's Restorative

2 day virtual healing workshop 


The war against Men has been here for generations, but now we have the tools we need to fight back. 

For generations Society has told its Men that our value comes from the amount of money we have. We've been told that our primary position in our households is to be the bread winner. Society has taught us that men are supposed to be emotionless work machines, as if we were robots. 


Men carry a powerful energy. An energy that if properly nurtured and controlled has the ability to change the very world we live in. As phrases like "Toxic Masculinity" continue to thrive in society, it's become more and more apparent that the world truly needs emotionally present, healed men. 


When I first began to heal, I began to feel what true strength felt like. I became more aware of myself, my doubts and obstacles. I began to be less fearful of mistakes and more willing to try new things. I discovered a new sense of confidence and I began to walk and speak differently. My mind and body began to evolve, my thoughts became under my control, and a new strength began to overtake me. Soon enough I was on the road to becoming my most authentic self.

The Journey wasn't easy

When I began my healing and transformative journey, it was very daunting. Not only were there not enough safe spaces for men, but the ones that were available did not cater to men that looked like me. This has prevented myself (and many others) from seeking and finding much needed support. The support that would allow me to heal and be the man I knew I was destined to become. It is my mission to bring the knowledge I was fortunate to obtain to a platform more fit for men like me. Men looking for tactics to become a better, healed version of themselves.



Unhealed trauma 

Unhealed trauma leads us to create a blurry version of our true selves. It leaves us weak and vulnerable to mental attacks. It leaves us in a state of self doubt and fear and causes us to live burdened with anxiety and stress. Which ultimately draws us into an unending cycle of not getting what we want or being who we want to be.

This workshop was created for the men that are suffering in silence, trying to heal and transform themselves into the man that they know they can become.

Join me for this two day workshop as I talk through the techniques I used and continue to use to rid myself of trauma, heal and transform my life.


Two days of learning, discussion, vulnerability and healing with a community that understands

Session Dates

April 22: Self Reflection

April 23: Self Love & Forgiveness


4pm-6:30pm PST

4pm-7pm PST

*This is a live workshop, however we understand that everyone cannot be available to attend each day. A replay of each days session will be sent to each participant via email so you don't miss out on any important information. 

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