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There's Still Hope For Your Marriage

As a couple who has faced our fair share of challenges and struggles in our own marriage, we understand how overwhelming and difficult it can be to navigate through those rough patches. But, we also know that with the right tools and resources, it's possible to come out on the other side in a stronger, healthier, and more loving relationship.


That's why we've created this space - to share the knowledge and tools that helped us thrive in our marriage with other couples who may be going through similar experiences. Our goal is to offer support, encouragement, and practical advice to help you and your partner get to a thriving place in your marriage.


So, whether you're facing communication problems, trust issues, financial challenges, or any other obstacle, know that you're not alone and that we're here to help. Let's work together to build marriages that are not only surviving but truly thriving!.


Find Support, Healing & Community

- Destiny Bennett

"That Intentional Family at its root is our way of honoring our
younger selves. The version of us that was in an unhappy and unhealed marriage. The version of us that struggled to find resources we could connect to because of a lack of representation. These are the spaces,
in the midst of our deepest trials, that we only hoped exi

Real Resources From A Real Couple That's Been There


Get Our 30-day Intimacy Guidebook


30 Day

Sex Fast That Saved Our Marriage

We spent years in a distant, sexless marriage; questioning whether we'd lost our spark or  whether we were even good together anymore. In an effort to rediscover intimacy in the most agonizing season of our relationship, we embarked on this journey that ultimately ended up saving our marriage.

Come Share A Space With Us In One Of Our Small Group Workshops

Holding Hands

Trust Issues

Healing Past Infidelity In Your Marriage

Conflict Resolution



Find Support, Accountability & Safe, Loving Guidance Through Our Couple To Couple Mentorship Program



Couple to Couple 
Mentorship Program

Healing In Harmony  

This Program Is Coming Soon!

Healing in Harmony is the most intimate and intensive part of our ministry, allowing us to take couples by the hand and lovingly guide them through the steps that we took to save our marriage, heal together from the damage, and come out stronger in the process. We understand that it can be scary to confront past hurts and acknowledge the ways that we have hurt each other in our relationships. However, we also believe that with guidance and support, it's possible to heal from even the deepest wounds and create a stronger, more loving partnership. 

A Little Impact Goes A Long Way

The effort to create an environment where it’s comfortable to share and allow judgement free growth is essential and the Bennetts provide that space.

The advice was practical and not just theory; I’ve learned tools that we can apply right away that are already making a difference in our interactions and conversations. I am so so grateful for the space you created.

 Hearing from another military couple with young children who went through the exact same trials as my husband and I early on in our relationship gave me so much hope for our marriage. I personally felt seen, heard and UNDERSTOOD.

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