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That Intentional Family Presents

Trust Issues

Healing Past Infidelity In Your Marriage

A 3 day virtual marriage workshop 


You are not the only one working through trust issues, you are NOT in this alone

Marriage is supposed to bring out the best in people, but most people don't talk about the fact that first, it sometimes brings out the worst.

Hurt People, Hurt People

In our 10 years of marriage, we did exactly that, we brought out the worst in each other. In the process of learning, growing and adulting together, we were faced with alot of hurt, betrayal and feelings of hopelessness caused by unhealed wounds we we didn't even know existed.

Nobody Talks About The Bad Stuff

No one provided a safe space for us to talk about the process of losing trust and whether it was possible to recover from it. No one talks about infidelity, no one talks about lies, no one talks about emotional intelligence and they definitely don't talk about the nasty unhealed childhood wounds that cause you to hurt the people you love. 

Your partner is the one person you are supposed to feel safe with

and we spent years battling with the conflict of being in love with someone but not trusting them enough to find that safety. 


Trust issues are a matter of healing

A lack of trust in your relationship is not only distressing on yourself, but also your partner and your marriage. It's time to heal. 

We created this workshop for all those that are suffering in silence, trying to find their way to the other side of trust issues.

Join us for this three day workshop as we talk through the techniques we used to start rebuilding trust, safety, security and fostering healing in our marriage.

Disclaimer: While this workshop is strongly rooted in trust issues resulting from infidelity, we feel that the content and community still offers value to couples suffering from trust issues of any kind.

What's in it for me?

Three days of learning, discussion, vulnerability and healing with a community that understands

- Three intimate virtual
  sessions (7.5 hrs total)

 - Tools for coping with and
    overcoming trust issues

- Q&A with the Bennett's                         

 - Small group discussions

- Access to our private
Facebook community 

- Printable guides for
  easy implementation 

See What Past Attendee's Have To Say

"That Intentional Family (the Bennett's) are really sincere in helping others rebuild their trust, community and real understanding of collaborative partnership. Their life based teaching is valuable and not impersonal. I’m certain that there’s something to gain from this workshop, and any others they output. There was an immense amount of care and patience poured into this labour, you can tell! Time and money well spent."


"This workshop broke me and put me together at the same time. It felt like an undoing but in a productive way to rebuild me and my relationship."

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There are few spaces where you can discuss and dissect such sensitive issues without judgment or shame but this space was so intentionally and lovingly crafted. The advice was practical and not just theory; I’ve learned tools that we can apply right away that are already making a difference in our interactions and conversations.

"Destiny and Devonte’s transparency is a true gift to marriages of all kinds. Their devotion to baring their scars and helping to heal them will save marriages far and wide! They are a true blessing!"


Next Session Dates

Nov 17: Losing Trust

Nov 18: Rebuilding Trust

Nov 19: Healing Forward

4pm-6:30pm PST

4pm-6:30pm PST

4pm-6:30pm PST

*This is a live workshop, however we understand that everyone cannot be available to attend each day. A replay of each days session will be sent to each participant via email so you don't miss out on any important information. 

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