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What is intimacy and how important is it’s role in a long lasting, thriving relationship? Who prepares us for the days when we feel helplessly disconnected and distant from the person we love and sex suddenly becomes an empty, numbing task? No one taught us, no one prepared us and to be quite honest, it set us up for failure.


We spent years in a distant, sexless marriage; questioning whether we'd lost our spark, whether we were even good together anymore. In an effort to rediscover intimacy in the most agonizing season of our relationship, we embarked on a journey that ultimately ended up saving our marriage.

We called this journey the 30 day sex fast. For 30 days we intentionally hit pause on our sex life and replaced it with a series of explorative intimate activities and deeply healing conversations. This did not only save our marriage, but it elevated us to a level of love, healing and connection that changed the entire dynamic of our relationship.

For the first time ever, we are sharing this part of our journey with the world in our day by day intimacy guide E-book Intentionally Intimate. 

Embark on the journey. Embrace the growth. Enjoy the elevation.

Love & Light be with you.

Intentionally Intimate

The 30-Day Sex Fast That Saved Our Marriage


Price 40$

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