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Calm & Connected Master Class

If you struggle with finding ways to stay calm and support your child during meltdowns and moments of big emotions, this course is for you! During this courses we go through a few practical strategies to help both you and your child spend less time in chaos and more time strengthening and enjoying your bond.


Sibling Rivalry
Mini Course


Why can’t they just get along?! As parents, we all want our children to love and respect each other. But sometimes even the closest of siblings need a little parental support to keep their bond strong. These mini course is 15 minutes worth of fast but valuable information on how to help our children through sibling rivalry.


Fathers Self Evaluation Course

4 Steps to Engaged Fatherhood Course. In this course we will be going over the 1st step to Engaged Fatherhood Self Evaluation. This 3 video course will go over the importance of self evaluation and how to do it.

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