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Terms & Conditions

Payments for this event are 100% non refundable. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstance. Please understand that we are a small, indigenous owned family business with a passion for healing the community, issuing refunds are detrimental to our business. Don't worry! A replay of each days session will be sent out to all participants after the event, so no one can miss out on important information.


By accepting these terms you agree to be recorded SOLELY for the purposes of session replays. Session replays are recordings sent out to members of the support group in case they are unable to attend. 

These replays will not be shared with anyone outside of the attendees for your personal workshop session.

All data collected is for purposes of creating better courses and material to be taught. Your personal data will not be shared.

Disclaimer: That Intentional Family, Mama Bennett and Papa Bennett are not licensed therapist. We do not claim that these workshops standalone are intended to fix your marriage. Please regard this workshop as an opportunity to increase your marital knowledge, gain a new perspective and build a support a team.

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